Birthday cake 3D pop up cards

Birthday cake 3D pop up cards, our designers once said, and we couldn’t agree more. With that in mind, our team are so eager to present you to one of our wonderful 3D birthday cards ever: Birthday cake 3D card, which is expected to be a smash hit that delights anyone you love, regardless of who they are, and no one has to anxiously await someone slicing it up into unfair portions.

Parents Birthday cake 3D pop up cards

Birthday cake 3D pop up cards let’s whip up a healthy alternative to a sweet birthday cake for your parents’ birthday. No need for sugar or flour, this cake is made with smiles and baked with joy. So it does not contain any calories which Mother will love. With glossy and cheerful colors. We expect that this cake will help your parents to become. Happy and delightful even though their age has increased a little. Just make them feel that “age is just a number” and do not forget to give them wishes and express your emotions for them.

Spouse or lover

Birthday cake 3D pop up cards writing name or wishes to your loved one on a birthday cake is a meaningful idea to make your relationship more romantic and special. But sometimes you have too many words to write completely on the cake, right? Don’t worry, each of our 3D pop up birthday cakes. Comes with a blank sheet of paper we prefer to call it “sheet of love”, so you can comfortably write anything to tell his / her how special this day is to you as well or even stick with the romantic images of you two. Just bring a big big smile on his / her face!


Birthday cake 3D pop up cards

Birthday cake 3D pop up cards

Kids Birthday cake 3D pop up cards

One of our members once expressed that there were. Times when was a child and money was very tight for his . Parents and they had to use some clever tricks to make his birthdays special. And this Birthday cake pop up card was inspired by one of the items that her parents managed to pull off. She wishes that it will be a interesting idea for parents. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, or older siblings who are struggling for ideas for a great. Children’s birthday when money is extremely tight.
“Anyway, a enjoyable and exciting birthday party is something every. Child looks forward to, so don’t forget to satisfy your little one’s sweet tooth with a. Surprisingly yummy and healthy life-sized birthday cake”. she added humorously.

Anyone Birthday cake 3D pop up cards

This is for the person that has done something really good for you. Whether it’s a co-worker helping you in using photocopiers. Your neighbor who always greets you with a smile or your mailman. Bringing you good news every day there is no shortage of people who need a happy birthday.

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